The Elements team together with Mau Mau of Ice Cream Truck and Amber Lounge are saying F**K YOU! to the morning. This is gonna be a monthly event devoted to a complete lapse in moral responsibility and lashings of debauchery. Think ‘Caligula’ with chuggy deep pumping music in a smaller darker room.

Tamlan S and Stephen K are gonna be joining Shanghai’s own MAU MAU at the decks for a journey through all forms of house music and a Romanian Folk song.

Combined with what we must say is a cracking sound system all looks set to be the kind of event that completely ruins any plans you made for Sunday. Wonderful!

For Those of you in Hangzhou, please feel free to join us on the train, it’s only 45 minutes away and because we’re finishing at 9am there’s no need for a hotel…….save a penny save a pound.

For further info : 13738036554