Code Space along with the Elements crew are back!! With a new and improved venue, better sound system, outdoor area and amazing monthly line ups, the place we all missed looks set to make a big impact on Hangzhou cities party people!
To kick things off we have some top Artists booked for the last weekend of June and all the way through July!
Code Café & Party Projects

ft. ELEMENTS, DJ RAZOR (Ding Dong Disco) , Alec Haavic (Friction Alliance),Lauri R(Finland Elements), Dj Alex Kennedy(London)

all night party
29th & 30th JUNE



start at 9pm / 晚上9點開始

B2f, zone f, west lake cultural plaza( opposite the big sphere next to imax cinema, near muse), hangzhou

音樂貢獻 Line Up -

6月29日 週五 Opening Night !!!

特别邀请:RAZOR (Ding Dong Disco)

since being invited to Shanghai as the resident dj and music director of Mao Club in 2007, Razor built quite a reputation for the club and himself. One of the very few Polish international dj’s, he’s lived, promoted, and played parties in London, Ibiza, and The Netherlands, where he studied music production at Amsterdam’s SAE Institute. His music is full of freshness, and he is one of the very few dj’s in Shanghai still using vinyl records.

DJ RAZOR 是上海CLUB MAO音乐总监, 作为MAO从欧洲特邀驻场DJ, 他是首位为沪上带进全新高端电子音乐风格的外籍DJ, 并打造了MAO 自开业三年以来的辉煌, 使MAO成为上海外籍人士及电子乐爱好者最热衷的酒吧, 形成了人们为等待他音乐的时间段而去, 只要他一登台就人满为患的局面。作为波兰最有名的DJ, 他深造于荷兰著名的SAE Institute音乐学院, 辗转于世界电子乐的重镇英国伦敦, 西班牙IBIZA岛, 荷兰和德国柏林, 并以其对音乐的脱俗品味和严谨要求在上海独树一帜, 享有最高的欣赏和赞誉。

Alec Haavic (Friction Alliance)


活跃在上海和杭州派对组织和推广单位,成员包括DJ Tamlan和DJ Stephen K.今后将与『Code Café & Party Projects』长期合作为杭州城带来更多有趣的音乐派对。

6月30日 周六

Lauri R(Finland Elements)
Dj Alex Kennedy(London)

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