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Irish Band: The Phoenix Prestige+ DJs +Irish Drinks


98rmb=Irish Chirstmas Dinner + Party Entrance

40rmb= Party Entrance +Baileys
Contact: 85165997 13615719985

Video posted of the Heineken event!

That was one great party!


There really isn’t much i need to say about this coming Saturday other than you’d be daft to miss it, especially if your into funky, techy house!

Hector is one of the biggest djs on the globe at the moment. We have teamed up with MAO which is one of the biggest clubs in Shanghai to have him come down here for your listening pleasure. No other venue in Hangzhou can secure these kinds of Djs!

Check him out

We had a great night last weekend at Livehouse where we surprised many with HZs first real drum and bass night, the chinese didn’t quite get it at first but after a while and with the help of some alcohol they soon started to take over the dancefloor!

And now onto our next night, and the one that started it all, ELEMENTS. We like to refer to this night as our flagship event even though we are doing bigger parties at the likes of Code space and clubs in Shanghai this event along with the venue is closest to our hearts. And with the challenge of dreary cold nights we are putting on the biggest one yet.

We’ve got 300 free CDs to give away mixed by Techno Legend LAURI R from finland. If you drive to this cd make sure you wear a helmet.

Our guests include PATRICK MAI best known for directing the legendary DKD Club in Shanghai and playing alongside all the biggest djs in the world.

We’ll also have Dallas Waldo coming down from Shanghai to MC again, he played at the last Back 2 Basics night and due to demand he is back.

We’ll also have performance extrordinaire Minwan doing his stuff.

And as usual we’ll have the sonic ambassadors AKA Stephen K, Dj Scene and myself playing our stuff.

It’s going to be a Huge night and we can’t wait!

Here is a video link to the party we did at Code space a couple of weeks ago too.

See you Saturday.


Who said nothing new happens in Hangzhou?

For those of you that know who we are and the venue you know what i’m talking about. For those that don’t, trust me and come see for yourself. Renovated warehouse, Djs, stilt walkers, fire performers, video artists, Djemba players and most importantly….YOU!!

See you there this Saturday for a taste of something new.

And to the guys at hangzhou expat….your invited too!

We have performance artists and video so we don’t want you to think that this is a run of the mill nightlife event…….it’s something that makes hangzhou look vibrant!

We’ve moved our Elements night to a Saturday, that way many people that work on Friday can now come and enjoy the biggest event of the month in HZ. And on a personal note, we get to go up against some of the other clubs (or should i say club) that i for one think offers very little in terms of a quality night.

We’ve got guest dj Lauri R flying in from Finland to play his deep gritty techno and progressive. We’ll have some Lauri R mix CDs to give away too.

No Elements party is complete without Minwan & Friends supplying us with fire performance and djemba madness! They’ll be there too.

I’ll post some photos of the event later to show those that have not yet attended what the night looks like. The last event we did was back 2 basics and anyone that was there will tell you that it was absolutely packed!! And continued to be so well into the morning.

We’ve decided to do something a little different at the Garden Club in order to keep ahead of the game. We’re putting on a monthly night devoted to live music.

We’ve settled in quite nicely at the Garden Club and feel that there is so much more we can use this incredible space for. LIVEHOUSE shall represent music of any style that is performed live wether it be a guitar, singer or someone slapping something in a rhythmical manner…….Much like my teen days.

We’re also opening this up to anyone out there that fancies coming down and showing people what they can do, so in short, it’s also a bit of an open mic night combined with guest bands and performers.

We’ll be purchasing gas heaters for the unavoidable cold front coming in so you’ll still be able to enjoy the best outdoor decking in the city.

Livehouse @ The Garden Club (this thursday 9th)

79 Nanshan lu

That time of the month is creeping back up on us…….the largest indoor and outdoor party of the month!

ELEMENTS @ The Garden Club………….September 16th (Thursday from 9pm)

Almost everyone is back in town including our student crowd eager for a bit of revelry in this strange city they’ll call home for a year, and who are we to disappoint them! We’ll be pulling out all the stops in order to welcome new and old and hopefully give them more reasons than just a lake to enjoy living here.

The weather shouldn’t be too hot or too cold so this will be the perfect month for the “Elements” event.

We’ll have the Djemba and fire performers doing there thing in the garden again which combined with our large screen of video work should provide your eyes with what they need, and for your ears the ‘Sonic Ambassadors’ will be joined by dj Alex B playing everything from techno to hip hop. And not forgetting your taste buds and brain cell destruction we have premium drinks served like a 5 star hotel and priced like a Polish dive bar. So, we do exactly what it says on the flyer.

We have also installed a barbecue and some other surprises outside on the decking too.

ELEMENTS is the kind of event you would imagine has an entrance fee but to most of our punters surprise it doesnt and it will stay that way……..this is a party for the people by the people.

And just to remind those of you that dont know already, we shall be manning the decks at the sexy and wet pool party this Saturday the 11th……………..2 great outdoor events in the space of 5 days!

As you can guess from the post title, we are associating this one with the element ‘water’ in the hope of cooling everyone down for what tends to be the hottest month in the Zhou! I have a sneaking suspicion things could even get a little wet.

Performance artists, we had fire dancing and bongo playing at the last one! Also the usual great range of music, lazers, fog, and all round madness surrounded by what everyone is agreeing to be the most beautiful,and quirky venue in town!

We have just confirmed DJ ANDREAS FRANCO as the guest dj for our party!

Franco is the new star playing all the big clubs in Shanghai and Beijing as well as playing all over his home country, Canada.

He’s the talk of the town in Shanghai at the moment and i had to pull a lot of strings with my buddies up there to get him to come down.

Franco plays stripped back house of the detroit/san Francisco style and specializes in Jacking Tech House so I think we can safely say that the night is going to be a great one sonically.

You cant miss this one!


‘The Midsummer Masquerade’

Sneak peak at what’s coming up.

DJ BEN HUANG………without a doubt one of the biggest names in the industry is coming in to treat everyone including my self.

One of the most famous DJs in the country, Ben Huang’s music career mirrors the slow and steady rise of clubbing in China in the ’90s and ’00s. Signed to Beijing label Modern Sky, Huang is a veteran of a slew of large festivals and high-profile parties in China and Europe, and he’s also heavily involved in parties and promoting in “underground” clubs in Beijing and Shanghai.

Huang’s dual roles as both originator and instigator in China of club culture, but also as a DJ who has maintained a career on the cutting edge of dance music has afforded him a unique vantage point to explore his other creative outlet: photography.

This guy is amazing and if you dont believe me then google him and find out for yourself.

Joining him will be the usual bunch of Hangzjou djs…..still haven’t confirmed the roster yet

It will be a masquerade themed event and your masks shall be available at the entrance.

More staff behind the bar and an outdoor beer bar.

And specially for Rory, ICE, LOTS OF IT!

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