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November 2010 mix

New mixtape online! Deep techno sounds!

..Or Download it from SendSpace.

Video posted of the Heineken event!

That was one great party!


There really isn’t much i need to say about this coming Saturday other than you’d be daft to miss it, especially if your into funky, techy house!

Hector is one of the biggest djs on the globe at the moment. We have teamed up with MAO which is one of the biggest clubs in Shanghai to have him come down here for your listening pleasure. No other venue in Hangzhou can secure these kinds of Djs!

Check him out

We’ve moved our Elements night to a Saturday, that way many people that work on Friday can now come and enjoy the biggest event of the month in HZ. And on a personal note, we get to go up against some of the other clubs (or should i say club) that i for one think offers very little in terms of a quality night.

We’ve got guest dj Lauri R flying in from Finland to play his deep gritty techno and progressive. We’ll have some Lauri R mix CDs to give away too.

No Elements party is complete without Minwan & Friends supplying us with fire performance and djemba madness! They’ll be there too.

I’ll post some photos of the event later to show those that have not yet attended what the night looks like. The last event we did was back 2 basics and anyone that was there will tell you that it was absolutely packed!! And continued to be so well into the morning.

We’ve decided to do something a little different at the Garden Club in order to keep ahead of the game. We’re putting on a monthly night devoted to live music.

We’ve settled in quite nicely at the Garden Club and feel that there is so much more we can use this incredible space for. LIVEHOUSE shall represent music of any style that is performed live wether it be a guitar, singer or someone slapping something in a rhythmical manner…….Much like my teen days.

We’re also opening this up to anyone out there that fancies coming down and showing people what they can do, so in short, it’s also a bit of an open mic night combined with guest bands and performers.

We’ll be purchasing gas heaters for the unavoidable cold front coming in so you’ll still be able to enjoy the best outdoor decking in the city.

Livehouse @ The Garden Club (this thursday 9th)

79 Nanshan lu

Welcome to Elements!

We have finally managed to get our site up and running! This is where it all begins!

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