Tamlan S

Is a pioneering dj and promoter on the Chinese dj circuit. Within seven years he has been responsible for bringing acts such as Carl Cox, Sasha and other world renowned djs to China, as well as introducing new Genres from Techno to Minimal. A common figure in clubs from Shanghai to Hong Kong, Tamlan has appreciated that China is a new frontier where a sensitive approach is necessary to gain the confidence of the crowd and develop a sound that is often overlooked.

Tamlan Founded the Elements group in the summer of 2010 as a direct result of the growing commercial culture in nightclubs that appeared to sacrifice the diversity and appreciation of good music and talented artists for monetary gain.


Stephen K

Dj Stephen K’s passsion is deep house and techno music. His unique style has mesmorised countless clubbers in Europe, America and Asia. He first realised his calling way back in 1994 when he stumbled upon the electronic scene back in his native homeland, N.Ireland. His progression and fascination for this music took him across the pond to the USA where he studied music production. He quickly became an in demand artist in the ever devolping underground scene. In 2009, realising he required a new challenge, his next stop was China. Having witnessed China’s ever expanding appetite for house music he joined the Elements musical revolution. He currently runs the underground music night “Back 2 Basics”. He is best known for his renditions of the darker deeper side of house music.


DJ Ben Huang

Ben Huang was born and raised in Shanghai. Self taught,Huang single-handedly kick-started Beijing’s club scene back in the mid-nineties, Ben Huang introduced the young funky things of Beijing to the international sounds of ‘real’ club beats. Huang collected and nurtured his own avant-garde style in the underground clubs of Beijing and Shanghai. His creative expression comprised of varying styles from experimental, nu jazz, down tempo and house to techno. Huang’s music transported Beijing and Shanghai’s small underworld and kicked down its doors to the sounds from Detroit to Berlin. “Music inspires me, I use music to inspire people. I just trust my feeling with any music I hear.” In no time, Huang became one of the most heavily sought after DJs in Beijing and Shanghai. His sounds impressed European promoters and made him one of the funkiest exports to come out from the Middle Kingdom. Huang became one of the first ever Chinese DJ to break into the international scene, playing in venues from the Parisian Elysee-Montmartre to the famed Zurich Street Parade, alongside the world’s best. He has shared the stage with the likes of Laurent Garnier and Derrick May, and burned the airwaves on Paris’ Radio FG. Back home, Huang helped organize the ultimate rave event The Great Wall Party, which was the first to get permission from the traditionally reluctant authorities. Ben Huang is indeed the pioneer of clubbing in China and has garnered praise and respect from his peers at home and abroad. His current mix work for artists like Faye Wong keep him one of the most in-demand DJ’s in China.

Dj Milan

As one of the busiest DJs in Shanghai, German born Milan J’s record speaks for itself. In just 2 years Milan has climbed his way into some of the cities hottest “underground” clubs. Milan J’s mixes continue to intrigue even the more commercially orientated, technophobic fashionistas in and around town. His influences are clearly rooted within the Berlin Techno scene and stretch towards the more oriental, techie and trippie side House & Minimal. With Milan, rhythm & diversity are the keys but throughout all his work a common theme threads; Beats, Bass and Berlin!


DJ Scene

Dj Scene is multi talented artist hailing from New York city with roots firmly set in Antigua. It’s this multi cultural foundation that sets him apart from the regular DJ. He is famed for adapting to crowds and maintaining energy levels well beyond the time frame expected from a regular DJ. He is also responsible for creating countless remixes and original work within many different genres. The Elements crew consider Scene to be the dance floor destroyer with his ability in never failing to get the crowd moving and creating a buzz long after his last track has stopped playing.


DJ Caution

With a healthy dose and a vast knowledge of musical genres, Dj Caution has an arsenal to attack any dance floor.

Just incredible!  Born in Chicago, I.L. hailing from Los Angeles, C.A.,  He maintains residencies  in the hottest clubs and venues from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, had toured the United States and is now expanding his international presence.

Dj Caution’s ability to blend different styles of music has made him one of the most requested entertainers in the business.  His signature live mixes blending hip hop, rock. electro and even classical with a turntablist twist showcases this pioneering style.  As a music lover and Dj, his ever evolving original productions and remixes can also be heard at all his live sets.

Always remaining true  to his music,  Dj Caution stays connected to the streets through his mixtape releases.  From his eclectic mix of Hip Hop and Neo-Soul on his release of “Smooth”, his latest series of club style mixes “The Bounce That Ass Mixtape” to soulful groovy house mixes like “Un Poco de Sabor”,  Dj Caution has got it covered.

Rocking the crowd no matter what is always the number one priority for Dj Caution which is evident in his skills and versatility!


Patric Mai
Since 2004, Patrick Mai has made a name for himself in Shanghai as one of the cities warmly received progressive DJs.  Having both started and developed his DJ career in Shanghai, Patrick proudly represent his home city with 3 years resident DJ experience and 1 year as Music Director at the legendary club dkd, the longest running Progressive House & Trance club in Chinese history. Patrick regularly played both opening and closing sets for some of the most famous as well as the best DJs in the world, including Armin van Buuren , Paul van Dyk, Carl Cox, Junkie XL and Gabriel & Dresden.

After a tour of Germany in 2006 and pursuing further education in New York city in 2008, Patrick Mai is now back in Shanghai. Having opened his mind up to a myriad of musical styles, a fresh, more refined DJ has emerged. An Audio Systems Engineer by day and DJ by night, Patrick Mai has moved back to basics, playing one-off parties at only select quality venues around the city. In Patrick’s case, less is most certainly more: Having moved out of the residencies and back into parties, Patrick Mai’s sets are one-of-a-kind, encompassing all aspects of House music, taking listeners on endless journeys through deep, tech and progressive to techno and trance and all the way back.