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The biggest event in Hangzhou by the people that put ‘life’ back into ‘nightlife’. Elements are taking things up a notch due to the growing support we’ve been getting from both expats and Chinese alike. Soundscape is a quarterly event where we splash out on flying in the best djs from around the world to add to what is already an amazing night. We just want to keep things fresh and give back to the people that have been stomping their feet to the events we have been putting on for the past 2 years!

Trust me when we say that ‘Skinny’ is gonna blow your mind!! Google him if you don’t believe us.

He’ll be supported by your usual rag tag bunch of sonic junkies Dj Tamlan S, Stephen K, Mase and our latest addition to the crew ‘Han’ who premiered at the Chinese new year event and kept the dancefloor packed for 3 HOURS!!!!!

We’ll also have Shannon from the states performing her sexy fire performance and video work to set the scene!

it’s gonna be free before 10pm and 30 rmb after with a drink. We know other clubs dont charge at the door but then they never do anything new, charge shitloads for fake drinks and make their clubs feel like hospices.

We are an independent group of chinese and expat party lovers that want to see you happy!

for info and table bookings contact 13738036554

you’ll also find us on weibo.

Love Elements



Chinese New Year party at Code Space 22nd Jan!

They put on the biggest event last year and they promise to do even better when bringing in 2012! There really is no bigger party event in the city throughout the year, PERIOD.

Expect a carnival atmosphere with circus performers, djs, musicians, fireworks, video art and a complete lack of responsibilities and moral obligations. It’s gonna be the kind of event that makes a North Korean military parade look tame.

Alternatively you could head to one of the other places and get financially raped whilst yearning for a dancefloor, your choice.


Tamlan S (UK) techno, minimal

Scene (USA) electro, hip hop

Meex (FRA) Drum & Bass, Dubstep

Mase (DNMK) House

Stephen K (IRE) progressive, tech house

YU (CHN) deep house

Minowan (FRA) Djemba, Diablo (fire)

Hosted by Shane P on the mic.

Expect guest performers cause stuff keeps getting added like a plate at one of them fancy eat all you can joints.

Free before 10pm!!! after that it’s 50rmb but you get a mix cd and beer.

Any questions or if you want to book a table call Tam at 13738036554

We don’t like having people book tables cause we aint that fancy and we think everyone deserves a seat now and then but cause it’s gonna be sooooo busy, your better off booking in advance. For reserved tables people must be at the venue before 10pm.

Elements @ House2 every wednesday!

Conrank comes to Code Space for a smashing dubstep & DnB set! Cant miss this one!



Halloween party gallery!

Time to get FUNKED! Join us at Code Space for the event of the month!!



The Halloween Party @ Code Space Oct 30th!!

Join us as we bring in Halloween with a BANG! Elements put on the biggest halloween party in Shanghai and Hangzhou last year on the same day with a total of 2500 people……all dressed up and boycotting responsibility. This year we are focusing all our efforts on one big party in one big venue……CODE SPACE!!!

We’ll be giving away prizes, listening to the latest pumping music and the best disco classics, staring wide eyed at women in fish nets and men…….in fishnets:O, Drinking real drink at good prices, watching bongo players and fire performers……in fishnets, scaring the shit out of ourselves when we see what time it is and generally having a damm good time.

Forget all the cheap ass venues with names that sound like childrens cartoon characters run by people that haven’t got a clue about halloween and think good fun is fake vodka, playing dancefloor and having no dancefloor to dance on!




Back to Basics @ Code Space Sept 24th!

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